our pre-price-hike LV purchases....yay!!!!

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  1. remember that thread i started about whether you would get a pochette or cles...? i figured i should really just get one or the other, and since most of you recommended the pochette, i picked up a black epi pochette! :yahoo:

    anyway, today, i was talking to my SO about LV (again), and i knew under my influence, he's increasingly becoming more and more of a LV fan (even though he totally dissed it before)...so tonight, i was telling him how there was probably going to be a price hike in a couple of days, so i was egging him on to get his first piece of LV, even if it's something small, thinking he's not really gonna do it....of course, i got him itchin' to get SOMEthing.......so he ended up getting the black epi cles! :nuts: before he got it though, he made me promise to get the groom cles i've been obsessing over, since he was now getting a LV cles (so we can both have LV cles!).....soooo i bit the bullet, and did it!!!!!! i finally got my groom cles!!! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    in sum, within the duration of 20 days, i went from no LV to picking up a damier speedy 30, black epi pochette, and groom cles!!!! AND hooking my SO onto LV! phew....this is craaaazy!!! :sweatdrop: will be posting pictures as soon as they arrive from elux!!!!
  2. Congratulations! Enjoy them, and you know that we always love to see pictures!
  3. congrats, congrats on such great purchases!!!
  4. Congratulations! It's so much fun to shop for LV together. Can't wait to see the pics. Enjoy!
  5. You have done very well! :nuts::supacool:
  6. oh, hook line and sinker baby! nice work!
  7. congratulations..can't wait to see pictures! Its so cute that your SO is into LV now too. My BF accepts the fact the I love LV (he listens to me when I talk about all the new things I learn from TPF on a daily basis, and he paid for half of my speedy plus the tax for my xmas present) but I dont know if he would ever get a piece for himself.
  8. How exciting!!!That sounds like me and my "friend"! Before, he did not like LV at all, he didn't even like Speedy when I first got her. But now, I think she's his favorite! I did the same regarding jeans to him too. :yahoo:

    It's so funny how the SO's of us PF girls put up with listening to us go on and on about new findings on the purse forum to a point where they've just accepted it as a fact of life. All the SO's should get together!!
  9. how sweet you two!! and congrats on ur Groom cles too!

    Being in the retail line I get to admire all types of LV bags n wallets when customer pay for their purchases. And just yesterday a couple whipped out the same exact billfolds in monogram canvas when they were paying... it just made me go 'awww' to myself :love:
  10. congrats to you and your SO!
  11. congrats! make sure to post pics...
  12. I purchased a speedy 35 form Eluxury the other day, I was also inquiring about a SO passy in damier but I think the manager will call me after the price increase!
  13. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: i'm sooooo excited!!!!!!! will definitely post pictures when they come!!!!

    ...already thinking of the next LV SO and I can get together :graucho: .....aww :love: