Our Pampered Pups!!

  1. Hey guys,

    this is a thread so we can post pictures of our puppies!!

    This is Valentino!! These are just SOME of his best...he's a big fan of juicy couture...quite photogenic...and he's won a Petco fashion show ...born to be a star I think

    [​IMG]...soccer jacket to rep his heritage
    [​IMG]...his pair of overalls
    [​IMG]...new juicy track suit

    And his accesories/shoes: sandals, sneakers, scarf/hat, and pants

    his wardrobe and toy chest

    I'm obsessed...what can I say??
  2. Cute thread!!!

    It's no secret I'm crazy about our Boxer Doggie...even if he's technically my daughter's dog hahaha


  3. Our dogs are not so well dressed as yours (although they do have custom wool houndstooth coats for walkies when it's cold outside!), but they DID go to a doggie Valentine's Day party today. There were people walking around with trays of doggie hors d'ouvres, and a doggie meet-and-greet...it was a blast!
  4. There was an incident last summer, where my little boy, Daley, got a brand new tank top. I took it off after taking the photo below, and five minutes later, it was shredded up by the naughty boy in the second picture!:upsidedown:


  5. wow, i think ur dogs have more clothes than me! j/k :p

    cute outfits! love the booties esp. if it's cold where u live!
  6. Love these outfits!!! So cute!
  7. I love the Mexico jacket! :smile:
  8. So cute!!!
    I love his "heritage" jacket, his overalls, and his scarf.^^^^^
  9. ^^this picture is adorable!!!:heart:
  10. cute pups!!! love the stud muffin shirt!!!
  11. Here is William ... I don't think he likes his Fireman hat :p

  12. Oh i LOVE Valentinos overalls and his scarf/beanie set! What a lucky pooch!!
    queenvictoria2, i love the photo of william LOL
    He looks very unimpressed - as if to say "Why are you doing this to me?"
    hehehe! adorable!
  13. LOVE the cuteness in this thread!!!

    Here is one of my favorite pics--our rescue dog who had the worst life ever (he has a dent in his forehead and had scars all over when he came to us) napping with his two little sisters. The three of them are snuggle buddies!
  14. ohh.thye r so cute...:heart: too bad i cant teach my cat to wear anything.
  15. These pics are sooo cute

    my pup's too big to wear clothes.. but here he is with his two favorite duckies