Our Nursery is Almost done!!

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  1. Over the last 8 months or so, I've collected pieces of a primarily out-of-stock (or retired) collection from Pottery Barn Kids that I fell in love with when looking for baby room ideas. It's called "Sweet Lambie" at the time I fell in love, even the crib was no longer in production, though it is again now! I collected piece-by-piece, everything to replicate the room (save for the chandelier which I hate) using craig's list and eBay for a fraction of the original retail prices. It's been a blast! We just have to move the glider in and get the tree decal on the wall - oh, and put up the curtains - and we're set!


    Oh, and here's the original PBK room inspiration - I'm going to paint the arch and add the tree!

  2. Awww!! I love all of the pieces and the way it is coming together!

    I ESPECIALLY love that changing table! :nuts:
  3. So beautiful, sophisticated and peaceful! Great job!
  4. Looks great! I have the same crib and changing station too!
  5. Love it!
  6. thanks so much everyone!

    megs- isn't that the most majestic crib ever?? The moment I saw it I knew I had to have it. Just LOVE how amazing it looks in the room :heart::heart:
  7. What a serene nursery, Andagain! We are in the process of putting our LO's nursery together too. However, we are going with a modern Scandinavian design for our nursery (I'm half Finnish). Picture neutral white furniture with splashes of color like light blue and green.
  8. Great job! I love the crib - just beautiful!
  9. beautiful! good job.
  10. So cute and tasteful! Love it!
  11. Lovely and baby will feel right at home:smile:
  12. Looks great so far!! So cute!!!
  13. Gorgeous. That baby will be so comfortable.
  14. You should be really proud of this! It looks fantastic. I love the crib.
  15. Beautiful!!!!

    May I ask, what is the sheep thing on the floor? I've seen them on some US TV Shows but never here in Australia!