Our new son George!

  1. We are now the parents of George.

    He is so adorable, sleeps on his back and likes to follow us around the house :biggrin:



  2. He's gorgeous. How does MoyMoy like him?
  3. Sorry that you lost Sam to someone else but I think, George is better. He's so adorable. :yes:

  4. Moymoy hasn't met him... She probably wouldn't like him because she's a snob and would probably try to kill him. She's been known to attack dogs.:sweatdrop:
  5. George is so handsome! Love the name too.
  6. George is ADORABLE :heart: Congrats on your new baby :nuts:
  7. George looks like a beautiful bundle of fun!
  8. George is a cutie! Congrats!
  9. what a cutie. I love tabbys.
  10. congrats! cute name too.
  11. Thanks guys! He's so adorable padding around. He has this old man feel about him :heart: