Our new Puppy

  1. Hi guys,

    Have finally managed to find a smoothcoat chihuahua ***** pup, and we are bringing her home in 2 weeks, just wanted to show you all, we are going to call her Seren - Dipity!! :heart:

  2. Aaaw, she's a cutie :love: congrats:yahoo:
  3. Wow! She's adorable!
  4. ahh thanks sweetlove, thanks Kat, Im just impatient to get her home now!! ;)
  5. AWE!!! What a little sweet thing! :girlsigh:
  6. Oh my--what a little angel! CONGRATULATIONS!!!
  7. How cute!!! I know you can't wait for her to come home!!
  8. OMG she is so adorable, congrats!
  9. :nuts::nuts: Oh dear! she's so beautiful!!!!:heart::heart:
  10. What a wonderful bundle of love, she is so adorable. She looks like she fits into your hand must be so tiny.
  11. ahh thanks Saich, yep she weights 1lb at the moment!! hee hee, so the breeder is trying to get her to over that before we take her home :biggrin:
  12. Awwwwww she's adorable!!! :heart: Is she a Teacup Chi? :nuts:
  13. Teeny, tiny, little bundle! Congratulations!
  14. aww...cute lil puppyyy.....
  15. ADORABLE! She looks soo tiny and reminds me of my female puppy when I got her 7 months ago! They grow soo fast, so enjoy every moment even if their handful:yes:

    Congrats on Seren - Dipity! :wlae: