Our new kitten

  1. One of my daughter's friends found a stray cat and took her in... when they took her to the vet, they discovered she would be having kittens any day! They were born on the 4th of July and we told our daughter she can adopt one of them. I'm pretty sure there are 2 boys and 2 girls, so we're getting a boy! :tup:

    She wants to name him "Momo" and I'd like her to name him Newman (we have a dog named Kramer) and hubby likes Devo. :rolleyes: We're not sure what his name is yet but the decision is hers!

    Here's a pic at 4 days old -- the one with the white face looking up is the one she is hoping is a boy:

  2. What a beautiful pic :heart:
    Is the mum a siamese?
  3. Thanks! ^^ She looks Siamese, but not sure... I don't know the difference between a purebred Siamese and a cat that has the coloring -- We had a calico cat one time that had a Siamese colored kitty!
  4. Cute!! I love cats!
  5. Congrats! I like all the names...most especially Devo:yes:

    We just returned to Denver yesterday from Kansas City where we adopted year old kitty. Yes, we drove 1200 miles round trip in two days to adopt a kitty! Her name was Wilhemena but we're calling her Seven as we adopted her on 7/7/07 and we drove on I-70 to get her!:p
  6. Soooo cute!! I love kittens and cats!!!:love:
  7. OMG they are so cute. are you going to keep them or adopt out?
  8. awwwww!!! congrats on the new additions!!! so beautiful :smile:
  9. Thanks all!

    LVobsessed415 - we're just adopting one of them! :yes: I'm sure the family will find someone for the other three, but one is enough for us!
  10. yayay!! Beautiful mom cat, and adorable kittens!! Congrats!
  11. Bless you for adopting a kitten--lucky little boy to get your family.

    BTW, love your new avatar! Up north we had a feeder for goldfinches.
  12. Awwwww..So precious & sweet!:yes:
  13. So precious! That is how I got my 2nd cat! Took in a stray, took her to the vet and found out she was pregnant... few days later we had mamma & 5 kittens!! They're so cute... hehe you should take two, then they'll have a friend to keep company!
  14. Thanks for the replies! The owner of the cat and kittens would love for us to take more than one - haha! I want to take a photo each weekend and see how much Momo/Devo/Newman grows!

    Boxermom - right now I have 4 goldfinch feeders and each one has 12 spots on it. There is a finch on every single spot! :yes: I'm going broke buying birdseed! LOL
  15. Wow! What beautiful cats!

    Congrats on your new kitten and bless your friend for taking the Mama cat in :smile: