Our new furry friend

  1. This is Tasha, she is ten weeks old and came to live with us yesterday, she's a german pointer and is too cute!
  2. My morning has been a little bit stressful but this picture totally brightened my day.
    So thank you!!!!!!! :tup:

    She's adorable :love:
  3. She is precious!
  4. Oh so adorable!
  5. I just finished reading the other thread about a member whose dog died, and I was very sad. Seeing your new puppy is making me smile again. She is very cute, and I am wishing you both many many happy years together!
  6. so cute!
  7. So cute, congratulations!
  8. Tasha's beautiful!!
  9. Awwww!!! She's so cute! Congratulations! :love:
  10. awww ... she's a cutie!
  11. What a beautiful pup! Congradulations on your new family member!
  12. awww that's so cute!!
  13. She's a cutie-pie!!
  14. Oh, Tasha looks like a beautiful girl. I love her name too. Congratulations!
  15. So cute...congrats!!