Our new creepy pet, lol...

  1. For the last 10 days or so, each night this (not-so) little guy has been weaving itself a web that extends from our roof to the neighbor's side bushes. And by morning, it's gone. At first, I thought he was really yucky...but hey after 10 days, we kinda have grown fond of him and go out to see him each night. You have to respect his dedication. LMBO!!!
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  2. Eeeek! That is a GIGANTIC spider!!!!
  3. He IS gigantic...and thick! Blah...lol!
  4. Yeah but he's eating bugs so good for him!!!

    I am not a fan of spiders but they eat bugs that I find much more distasteful! haha
  5. So true...reminds me of what my DH said last night. I said, "Hey, at least he's keeping the bugs at bay." And he said, "Bugs????...that things looks like he's eating small cats!" lolol

  6. We had a huge spider like that last summer. We even named her Charlotte ;)

    I don't like spiders but, like you, I thought it was pretty cool!
  7. thats huge!
  8. I pity the guy who walked face first into that thing.

  9. Lol awww. Kinda creepy but cute. And the cam makes it look like it glows.
  10. That is a handsome fella! Spiders are an important part of our ecosystem, good for you that you let him/her be!
  11. Good for you for sharing your home with him....I kinda like spiders...as long as they arent crawling on me! I think they are good luck, and it's certainly bad luck to kill them. If I find one in the house, I gently scoop it up with a piece of paper and take it outside into the bushes.
  12. :roflmfao:
  13. I agree with you gals. He's a neat little guy. We named him Spidey. =)
  14. Spiders are kinda cool to me..they don't freak me out at all. They are a very useful insect to have around.
  15. I'd be freaked out!! I hate spiders, but it is amazing how they make their webs!! Lots of work for the little guys!