Our neighbour hits his wife everyday!!!

  1. What should I do? It's driving me nuts!!! N it's so scary I'm always scared for her n her kids because she'd be screaming and I can hear her kids crying in the background. The problem is I called the cops once and reported it and I think she found out that I did it so she completely hates me, doesnt even look me in the eye anymore. She like gives me dirty looks everyday. I think she's scared they'll take away her kids or maybe separate her from her husband. He looks so much older than her and he freaks the crap out of me everytime I see him.
    I used to have a problem with them letting their kids out in the corridor because the kids would run outside my door and scream all day but now I'd so much rather them being out than be in their apartment seeing their mum beaten up :sad:
  2. Call the police. Think of it this way- would you rather have her alive and hating you, or dead? I read awful stories in the news every day about abusive husbands/boyfriends that end up murdering their wives and children. It has to stop. If my DH were hitting me (god forbid), I would want some help.
  3. Call the police. So what if she hates you, there are children involved!
  4. I agree with the comments above that you should call the police immediately! She may hate you, but you have to think of the children.
  5. Yes, for the sake of the children.
  6. I agree w/ everyone. Call the police, let them handle it. I would not care if she hated me. If she is getting hit, what about her children!!?
  7. Call the cops:sad:
  8. EVERY time it happens, call the police.
  9. I work in the legal department of a domestic violence agency. Definitely call the police. She may "have" to give you dirty looks to appease him, and she may be desperately hoping that you call every time. I would call the police AND I would make a report to DHS. If she chooses to stay in that relationship that's her choice, but those kids have no choice. They need to be in a safe place. Kudos to you for paying attention!
  10. Call the police...and child protective services if you can!!!!
  11. The children NEED to be taken out of an evironment like that!
  12. So sad..I agree call the police.
  13. My parents had a friend who called the cops on a neighbor that was beating his wife. He found out that it was her, and attacked her one night when she was coming home. She wasn't seriously hurt, but it was still scary. I think that you should call the cops, but be aware that you're putting yourself at risk for something bad happening
  14. that's exactly what I keep thinking of SPOILEDkiwi, i did call the police before and I never thought twice about it because it was the right thing to do. At that time it had gone out of control, she was actually running out of her apartment n i saw that cuz i had just gotten home, so thats prolly why they knew that i called the police. Her husband is a FREAK. I am waiting until Sunday, cuz that's when the fights get INTENSE, maybe cuz he's off from work or something!!!! I am moving out of my apartment by xmas n i really hope i can help her in anyway before i leave
  15. Can you point her in the direction of a shelter for her and her kids when her husband isn't home?