Our LV's (Teen Reveal!)

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  1. A lot of us on the "teen time" thread in The Wardrobe have been getting LV's. I thought I would be appropriet for us to have our own "Reveal" Thread.

    Here is my First LV, I picked it up from the UPS center tonight, and am in complete love! (Its vintage) My Monogram Speedy 30...

  2. My speedy 25! Whoo first LV! Its also vintage and by the date stamp I know its from 91'. Its in perfect condition and I got it for a steal!

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  3. i absolutely adore and repsect the vintage... congrats to both of you!

    note- i think its cool to carry a vintage sometimes----kwim?
  4. I LOVE vintage, I like to think about all that its been through =)
  5. Yes vintage is awesome and we both got our bags at http://louisfanatic.ecrater.com/ if you end up buying something (which you should, there amazing) can you write that Marielle or Margaret referred you?
  6. Congrats on your first ! :yes:
  7. Thanks! I never thought this day would come!:yahoo:
  8. ^ Many more days will come.. it's a promise from Mr. Vuitton ! ;)
  9. I hope that's a promise he'll keep :P
  10. Hey Berrycraig, you call your collection small, your way ahead of me, I only own 1 piece, my backpack, which I love, but that's all I have. Your lucky, Enjoy......
  11. Thanks!:blush: In comparison to most others it is small! I love LV and try to use money I get from family from Birthday's and Christmases to get them. My parents aren't rich, but like to reward me for good grades and such. I like LV backpacks, I don't have one of thoes! Do you have a picture of your backpack? :smile:
  12. Berrycraig, yes there are shots of my bag in the backpack club, these clubs are located at the top of the page under Louis Vuitton Clubhouse(just in case you don't know), in there there are all different kinds of clubs, just look under the backpack club and pics of my bag are 2nd to the last. I think I have like 4/5 shots. Its the medium size Montsoris(sp), a great bag, she's now 7 years old and has been an excellent bag. I cant really say anything about me owning only one LV, I have owned other LV bags through the years, they were hand bags and after using backpacks for so long they just kind of sat there, so I sold them. That is great that you save your money and the money that your parents give you for doing good in school, keep up the good grades, that is important. Its nice that they understand your love for LV:smile:
  13. congrats on such an awesome staple!
  14. This is just what i carry everyday.... I have more to come[​IMG]