Our Love of FENDI!

  1. Fendi happens to be my favourite designer items and I have always loved Fendi.:heart: But...I'm curious and interested in why everyone else loves them, so its time to confess and share in your reasons for why you love Fendi so much.

    I'll start with mine:

    1. One of the first things my DH (SO back then) bought me was a Fendi watch and I've been hooked ever since. It was a great start to our relationship (DH & Fendi).:yahoo:

    2. I'm not a fan of logos but I love the Fendi one. It looks more like a geometric shape.

    3. Its not that common/popular here so I treasure my pieces even more.

    Ok, ladies/gents its time to spill the beans and share in your reasons for loving Fendi and if its your favourite, why?

    Would love to hear all the stories/reasons....
  2. Sorry, my story is not that interesting......I love Fendi because they do the most beautiful couture spies. No other designer does anything that comes close....saying that, do think they have "lost the plot" a bit lately
  3. I love Fendi's because of their designs. Classic designs for the most part, but then they can add the most whimsical flairs that give it new edge and life. The workmanship of their couture bags are simply AMAZING. The detail that they were willing to put into each bead, stitch really blows me away. It takes such patience and diligence to do that. Especially with the couture pieces, I see that dedication to the art. Someone cared enough to put that meticulous detail.

    Hopefully, this makes sense.
  4. In all honesty, I have never been attracted to Fendi until the release of the Spy... and now, it is by far one of my all time favorite bags. I absolutely adore the simplicity and elegance of the shape, size, EVERYTHING! I seriously love every single thing about the fendi spy. Its design is simply incredible.
  5. Nothing else on the market is like the Spy or the B-Bag!! You must appluade them for their ingenuity and bringing Fendi back from the late 80-90's downfall.
  6. :yes:
  7. I started liking Fendi when the B-Bag came out and never did buy one, but ended up falling in love with the Spy, which I didn't like when it first came out. Now after owning my first Spy, I want like more. I like some of their other purses that are creative like the Vanity bag and the Convertible To You bag. I also am starting to appreciate the Selleria line for its beautiful well made leather goods.
  8. My second designer handbag purchase with the fendi zucca baguette but I always was big into Chanel. Since joining tPF however it has opened my eyes to Fendi designs and I'm not sure what I like better Chanel or Fendi! Actually, I love them both as Chanel is more classic designs where as to me Fendi is more on the "edge" of fashion with really unique items.
  9. exactly! same here!:nuts:
  10. I never used to like Fendi. I still don't like the logo design on bags other than in the lining but I'm in love with some of their other designs.

    I've become a spy girl, a model a used to dislike. It sneakily grew on me and now I can't get enough. I just got my first spy and am hungry for more :smile:
  11. I don't like all fendi's and also not the fabric logo's (it looks better on the inside of the bag). But they have very cute designs sometimes I can't resist... I also love the baby spy (although I don't have one).
  12. my story is kind of like my first time having sex..i first got my first real designer bag in high school,it was the fendi satchel with the big f's on it ever since then its been my first love of bags before any other designer,even though i may have more marc jacobs bags than fendi's it will always be my first love..not only that,but i kind of fell out of the fendi loop for a minute and one day i was flipping through a magazine and saw jennifer lopez carrying this unbelievable gold fendi spy it was like 5,000 dollars and i said to myself i will have one of those bags very soon in my life..i really flipped out when i found out it was fendi!!!(sorry for the long post) well,thats my story:smile:
  13. I adore my fendi spy... everytime i see a photo with my bag in it I am like Damn... that bag is still hot!!! Only problem is blushing.... it's really bad on mine (well I think it is) so I do not use it so much now.
    Fendi is fabulous - no denying it.
  14. I love the Fendi monogram in the Zucca print (not a fan of the Zucchino). When the Spy first came out I thought it was the one of the uglier bags around, but it's grown on me now. The seasonal designs can be so breathtaking.
  15. Oh i love Fendi because of the quality and the lovely bags.