Our lil boy is here!!!

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  1. Gaetano Giuseppe was born on March 19th (2weeks early)..He was 7lbs 13oz and 20in long.. Just wanted to share some pictures of him with all of you.

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  2. He is GORGEOUS! Congrats to you Mama!!
  3. Oh my, he is so adorable. Congratulations, take care. :flowers:
  4. awwww!!! how precious!!!

    (lotsa baby boys being born this month, huh?!)

    I luv the pics.. esp the one where he's smiling in his sleep... :smile:
  5. LOL i had to put that picture up it was the funniest thing he was sleeping and i said his name and he smiled i took the picture and then he made the sad face..It was so cute!!
  6. awww very precious!!! and I love the ears! haha so cute. Congrats!!!
  7. congrats

    I love his sleeping/ smiling picture.
  8. Aww he's too cute!
  9. Congrats! He is so cute.
  10. Congrats on the birth of your son. He is so cute.
  11. He's absolutely adorable! Congratulations on his arrival. I'm so glad you get to enjoy him and get to know him now. My best to the three of you!!
  12. those pictures are gorgeous, I especially love his little pout in the second one.

    all these baby pictures are making me so jealous, I want one too :love:
  13. aww, what a doll!!:yes:
  14. Aww...he's beautiful. Congrats!
  15. Thank you everyone. You guys are so sweet!!!
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