Our Las Vegas Report...

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  1. Clemence, gold hardware....LIZARD
  2. Vl?????
  3. clemence
  4. ruthenium
  5. Croc!!
  6. yeah, and i missed it Needed to be done before 9:30 when DH put a movie in. :crybaby:

    at least I didn't pee myself though...
  7. Black clemence w/PH???
  8. BLACK TOGO with PH????????? OMG...PLS Spill it!!!!!!!!!........

    Arrrghh killing myself for not going to Vegas...
  9. Style!!!!! Yeah!!!!! I owe you a cocktail as well if we ever have an opportunity to meet! 35 cm black togo with PH...LOL...I believe that is the exact bag you suggested in my "Kelly for a Birkin Girl" question thread!!!

    It is a classic...and absolutely perfect for me! :yahoo:

    After H, I went back to my lakeview room at the Bellagio...looking out at the strip with my big orange box...fountains going off...and called DH...

    Had to share the story of meeting the gals AND finding my most recent quest kelly... He was quite happy for me (well, still happy about his vehicle purchase the day earlier, I think)... I asked him if I should take black birkin out for dinner or break out Miss Kelly... He said, "Break out the kelly"... So, kelly went to dinner at Spago with Rose (and her kelly cousin) and me...

    DH picked me up at the airport, we had a couple of glasses of wine over lunch/dinner and I introduced him to kelly at home...we are all in love and expect to live happily ever after... :love:
  10. Wooo... I'm hoping for my sake that it's black chevre Birkin. I just made a request a few hours ago for pix of black chevre since I've never seen it IRL and there are no pix on the Member's Reference Guide or eBay.
  11. YAY!!! :party:
  12. Oops! My slow post.

    Congratulations SoCal! Sounds gorgeous! Pix please!

    :party: :drinkup:
  13. WOOHOOOOO!!!! YES!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS, SOCAL!!!! I'd say you had a MARVELOUS time in Las Vegas!!!!! Post pics when you get a chance!!!! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  14. ^^^WOO- HOOOO...Congratulations, SoCal!!! Now I can go to the bathroom....:yahoo: Can't wait to see modeling pics....and what a "GREAT FAIRYTALE ENDING!!":yahoo: I'm all for the MUSHY endings!:heart:
  15. :yahoo: DH and I have been reading through this thread saying What is it???? Congrats SO MUCH!!!! So happy for you!!!! :yahoo: