Our Las Vegas Report...

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  1. dark purple?
  2. well I know you already have one black birkin but did you get another? this sounds like such a great time. I need to have another glass of wine while I wait for the suspense to end. DO TELL
  3. Bueller.............. Bueller............... Bueller????
  4. Black vibrato?
  5. Jag, We posted at the same time! Congrats!!! You should play the lottery tonight. Your prize...a pocket square... LOL...What is your favorite color?

    Yes, there is one black 35 cm kelly in the back. I indicate interest...I would like to see it...

    The lovely SA brings out the orange box...and yes, the plastic in intact...now I am wondering about leather, hardware... I spy the card indicating specifics...

    Wow, style101 should really be hear right now, she was so supportive of my 35 cm kelly "research"...

    Okay, let's make this a "challenge"... What leather/hardware is the bag in question???
  6. :yahoo:Whooo Hoooo!!!!:yahoo::supacool:
  7. Oh, I see another potential question in the air... Black or black vibrato??? ONE of Jag's guesses is correct!
  8. BTW- I am feeling black chevre with palladium or vibtrao
  9. black/vibrato box with gold hardware???
  10. Nope, it is definitely black, and I am going with chevre as my guess!
  11. Black...
  12. pall.
  13. I'm here - I'm here! Just catching up on all the suspense...... (You used to pull the wings off flies as a child, didn't you?)

    I was GOING to guess Gold with PH, but now I'm going to guess Black Togo, Clemence or Swift with PH..........

    WHAT IS IT??????
  14. Textured...
  15. ^^^someone was waiting for the bath, I"M WAITING TO GO TO THE BATHROOM!!!:sad:

    COGNAC?? or BROWN??