Our Las Vegas Report...

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  1. LOL...DH is laughing too...he keeps repeating the phrase "like the cheerleader that won't put out"... Knew DH in HS...when I was a cheerleader...and...
  2. This is starting to get VERY interesting! SoCal, you little minx!
  3. Well now, the SA comes back from the director's office with a smile and says, "We have one additional 35 cm in the back."

    What color?????? You must guess!!!!!

    (LOL...I tried to initiate grading of my student papers tonight but it was too painful...it is going to take longer than I thought...so...thought I would spend some time catching up on the H threads...)
  4. socal- im cooking my dh dinner and i have been sitting here waitttttttting....the kitchen might burn down! you must spill...hehehe
  5. Color???
  6. Black?
  7. I know what it is but I ain't telling~~~~ :P
  8. Gazoo, You must choose one! LOL...
  9. Come ON!
    Tired of fingering that refresh button.......
  10. Chocolateeeeeeew
  11. vert anis?
  12. Black
  13. LOL...Darker... DH would like me to post a kneepad request...
  14. Ebene????
  15. marron fonce?