Our Las Vegas Report...

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  1. I was not a naughty girl! I was a nice girl!

    So, I was all warmed up...two classes of pre-H champage, wonderful company, and two scarves...

    I discuss display bags briefly with the SA...there is a ___cm ___ ___ on display. I ask, "Would you happen to have any additional ___ cm ___?"

    I will go on after someone identifies the cm quest...

    What size???
  2. "There is a 35cm retourne Kelly" on display?? "Would you happen to have any additional 35cm Kelly's?
  3. Nice work, Jag! Excellent job crosslisting inventory and Las Vegas Report threads!!! I will buy you a cocktail the next time we are able to get together in Chicago or SoCal...

    "Would you happen to have any additional 35 cm kelly bags?" Actually, I asked, "Would you happen to have any additional 35 cm kelly...or birkin (with a grin) bags?" Knowing birkin inventory was not likely, but kelly inventory was a possibility...
  4. OMG OMG SPILL SPILL SPILL...the suspense is killing me!!!!:wacko: :hysteric:
  5. SoCal, I am going to need that cocktail now if you don't spill it already!:P
  6. 35 what color, what leather, WHATTTTTTTTT???????:hysteric:
  7. So, our lovely SA indicates she must go to the back to discuss inventory with the store director...
  8. Argggggggggg!
  9. tell!!! :hysteric:
  10. Jesus Crisp on a pogo stick, you are like the cheerleader that won't put out Socal.
  11. I've been sitting here for over an hour waiting for SoCal to spill.....

    Come on already.........:rolleyes:
  12. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  13. I keep hitting "refresh!"
  14. She's new-age and into that 7 hour Tantric sex, like Sting.
  15. is that the black kelly box with vibrato?????? that is gorgeous! did someone get it???????

    spill ladies! we're dying here!