Our Las Vegas Report...

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  1. I think LadyStara has most of the pics. She's probably on her way back to Arizona right now.:yes:
  2. Kou, So glad to hear you enjoyed the show. Was dinner great as well?
  3. Well, let's see...leather books, exotic leather questions, scarves everywhere, Secret Santa discussions...

    Now, I think each PFer participant has her own tale to tell...
  4. The dinner is great!! Excellent Japanese food and I got an extra order of free ginger ice-cream!!!

    How was your dinner? Where did you ladies end up going to?
  5. I think Pelinaka went to a show with her DH. I went over to Wynn briefly...no Manolo love this time...then to CP... I have to say that H has spoiled me, I don't seem to enjoy random browsing the way I used to...

    But...I thoroughly enjoyed strategic browsing at H!

    Rose, C, and I had dinner at Spago...I would say my entree was "average" or "okay"...the company was fabulous...will also see what Rose reports...
  6. Give us the loot? What'ya buy???
  7. SoCal -- So happy to read you all had a great time! Was 'holiday' inventory waiting the arrival of tPF'ers?? Ready to tell us what you bought?? :yes:
  8. Oh yes, back to H...

    SoCal confessions...two scarves...one small black/white H "lozenge" scarf...one larger dark brown/black trim "lozenge" scarf...and then...
  9. SPILL about the purchases...... LOL
  10. Ahem!! Come on, spill it!! graucho:
  11. Spill it, SoCal and others, Spill it!!!!!!!!!!

    We are all waiting.......:whistle::whistle::popcorn:
  12. Oh.... SoCal..... You have been a naughty girl, haven't you???
  13. spill it SoCal- you're keeping me from my bath! I can't tear myself away from the laptop!!
  14. More...more, please! :graucho:
  15. SoCal... tell us before this lady stinks up the forum anymore!