Our KVBC(News 3) weather dog died :o(

  1. Jordan was on the local news for 11 years. He really did make the weather interesting, and all the things his owner(John Fredericks) and him did for the community was just amazing.
    Here the link incase you are interested.

    If you click on the "remembering Jordan Fredericks" link on the left you can see the tribute they made to him.


    I just think its cool to have a dog on the news every day. News 3 is a very pet friendly company(A friend works in the IT dept. there) all of the employees are allowed to bring their animals in to work.:tup:
  2. Awwwe, poor doggie..I'm sure he's in a better place. He has had a great life.
  3. Its always so nice to see people who treat their animals so well! I wish every human understood how important animals are!
  4. ^ITA

    The pup will be missed :sad: