Our Ideal Purse

  1. So...I'm thinking we should start a coach concept thread...what would your ideal coach look like??? it doesn't necessarily have to be ideal, but just random ideas...they can be new or build on previous lines/bags...preten your a designer @ coach

    I'm thinking patent scribble??

    let's let our imagination roam free!!!
  2. i have another idea...i love dog clothes and accesories...how about coach doggie shoes!!! oh man!!!
  3. Okay, so I know I'm obsessed right now - but if they just made the leather Madeline in a smaller size - like the signature Madeline for example - that would be IDEAL!

    And it must be Geranium - I'm in LOVE with that color this season. Everywhere I look - it's there. I almost purchased a Hummer in that color JUST to match the purse!

    Sick - It's a sickness I tell ya :p
  4. I'm pretty sure they had a thread on this already.. not too long ago. :yes:
  5. Okay - so guess what I just found out - THEY DO MAKE A MADELINE SMALLER!

    It's called the "medium" - but they only have it in black and buckskin right now in the leather. BUT - they may replenish the first week of February!


    It's $358

    It's mine - I will call every day and night. I won't sleep, I won't eat, I won't shower...well, maybe I'll shower, but the purse will be mine...MINE....MINEEEEE! :lol: evil laugh

  6. Were you going to get the Hummer in sig or leather?? LOL Don't mind me, bad Monday at work!:nuts:
  7. I'd love to see the shape of the pouch bigger... its a great standard shape but it just needs to be longer... most pouches are 7 inches... i'd like to see at least 12 inches...

    I'd love a brighter PURPLE leather.... maybe even patent!!!

    I'm sure I can go on and on... but i'll stop there.. .Those are the two i want the most!