Our First Nail Polish Colors

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    We always love our nail polish hauls but there's always a soft spot with our firsts. Or I am the only one who get this feeling when holding/using my first np color? Pls. tell me that I'm wrong, I'm not the only one lol

    Mine were;

    Christian Dior-Massai Red
    KOH-Black Stars
    OPI- You Don't Know Jacques
    China Glaze-Ruby Pumps

    I don't have to tell you all of my firsts but these are the brands w/c I'm concentrating ATM. I really love my firsts, what's yours???
  2. I don't eve know! I was given a lot of bottles when I was young. I remember having a few Mary Kay ones, that I was sad that I had to throw them away (caps sealed themselves shut).

    I know after I got rid of mine my first were Essie Sole Mate and Essie Sugar Daddy. Sugar Daddy is almost out though. I also got Ulta Noel, but that needs to go away. Hate it.
  3. Before I got really into nail polish, I wore cheap dollar store and NYC black polish as it was the only black polish I could find! The first real polish I got was Nicole by OPI - Ink A Dink Pink. I still have it (it's about 2 and a half years old now) and it's half full now. Admittedly I haven't used it in a really long time, but I'd buy another bottle of it if I could find one simply for sentiment's sake. :smile:
  4. I didn't wear nail polish as a child/teenager, but, I fell in love with Chanel Tulipe Noire when I saw it in magazines and I hunted it down and loved it. It was still my only nail polish for another four years or so and I've barely used it. But, it is probably still my favorite nail polish.
  5. The first polish that I'm pretty sure made me a nail polish addict was Loreal Limited Edition Holographic Oracle. After I put in on I fell in love and went back to walgreens and bought them out of stock. 8 polishes. I'm pretty sure it was 2008. I still have one bottle left and I wear it very sparingly since it's my last one.
    Other notable firsts:
    Diego Dalla Palma #23 brown made realize how much I love browns
    Dior Safari Biege my first true nude
    Chanel Noire Ceramic was my first black polish
  6. Ohhhhhhh, love this!

    My very first Nail Polish was ...
    A few years ago I was pretty sick and it was so hard for me to get up and out but I wanted to do something so I decided to get a nailpolish matching my favorite pair of high heels and work my way back to a day to wear both! So I took a shoe down to my local store and asked the SA to get me a matching polish... She got me Chanel Rouge Noir.

    Laterz I always went to the store with bags, shoes, or cloths in toe to let the SA get me matching polishes. And after a few Chanels I got my first Dior, Grenade, a hot pink! And so I fell in love with Dior!

    After that I gave all my Chanels away and was a Dior girl (till tPF)
    I still got a Grenade, my second one. And I always smile when I see it!
  7. The first polish I was obsessed with was Chanel Ciel de Nuit. I got seventeen magazine and just loved everything about that color. Of course, I lived in the country at the time and had no access to luxury brands, but I ripped out the ad and lusted over it for ages. Of course, I now wish I'd tracked it down somehow.

    Its not my first polish, but the one that started me in collecting was DL Happy Birthday. I got it in November of 2010 and it was different from any other polish I'd tried. Since then I've been on a non stop polish binge, haha.
  8. Zoya was the first non-drug store brand that I fell in love with.

    I remember loving an OPI polish that my Aunt had to buy me in the mid nineties when OPI was limited to people with a beautician license. It was a gorgeous brown creme with a purple shimmer. I wish they still carried it.
  9. My first black polish was an Urban Decay black creme in their old bottles... my sister and I splurged on it... it was like $16? Went home and my nail tech aunt was horrified that we spent so much, haha.
  10. I don't remember which was my first polish, but the polish which unlock my nail polish obsession was OPI Royal Rajah Ruby, it's still one off my favourites...
  11. My first nail polish was like 30 years ago.. I do remember the color though.

    IT was a true red with silver glitter in it.. and it was Wet N' Wild.
  12. My first was prob an OPI my mom bought me. I'm thinking it was maybe a pink, no idea which one!

    The ones that started my collecting, hmm... Probably china glaze OMGs, I searched salons nonstop for those!
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    My first that kicked off the obsession was OPI I'm Not Really a Waitress. I think it might have been fuggirls but some fashion blog I read mentioned it and called it I'm Not Really a Waitress...I'm Actually a Whore and I died laughing and had to have it and that led me to the np section of Meijer and thus an obsession was born. Every time I stopped by Meijer (2-4 times a week, I only grocery shop for a couple days and its so close) I'd pick up a new colour and then I discovered blogs and the obsession grew and then I ordered my first a-Englands and the collecting started in earnest. But still, even now when I'm trying to destash, I can't part with that OPI. All of this took place from June-November of last year. Before then I guess I had some random colours. A black and a purple for sure.
  14. I think my first nail polishes were a super cheap brand from a discount store near my house when I was 12. I do remember having a lime green that was awesome but super stringy to apply.

    My first higher end polish was OPI You're Such A Kabuki Queen, which I loved. My first proper nail polish haul was about 4 years ago - I can't remember everything I got, but I know it had:
    - You Don't Know Jacques
    - Russian Navy
    - Bastille My Heart
    - Purple With a Purpose

    I can't remember the rest, all I know is that they were the ones that started the love affair!
  15. OPI Kreme de la Kremlin (I sure did spell it wrong :p )

    My very first vampy, now my favorite color group, was *****es Brew.