Our Favourite Spring/Summer 2007 Bags

  1. I thought we could post pics of our favourite S/S '07 bags here.

    I'll start it off with some of mine. :biggrin:

    1 & 2 Bottega Veneta (I wish the first bag was a shoulder bag, or a clutch and I'm hoping the second one's textured leather, not snakeskin!) and 3 & 4 Valentino:


    Yves Saint Laurent:

  2. I also like this Celine Bag, I saw it in Drapers and it looked great, but I can't find a decent pic of it :blink: and these two Chanel Charm bags; but I know they're a controversial choice! :lol:

  3. That first bottega is gorgeous! And I love the way the models are carrying those YSL clutches. Not a fan of the chanels, though I guess they would be cute on someone. And of course, Irina looks sweet :love: .
  4. ^ I think those Chanels are definitely Marmite bags ( you either love them or hate them!). :yes:

    I like the little 'hand loops' on the YSLs, too. :biggrin:
  5. TDF -- all of them!
  6. In addition to the bags, I love the silver nails in the Celine pics, and the black nails in the YSL pics. Why, oh why, do I have to live in a city that is not fashion forward?? I tried black nail polish (neat and clean on short nails), and everybody thought I was trying to be "goth". Ugh. :hysteric:

  7. Thank you, Leelee! :flowers:

  8. How annoying! :rolleyes:

    If you like it, I think you should do it anyway, though. :yes:

    I particularly love the silver nails. :heart:
  9. More of my favourites so far (please feel free to add your own, as and when you see them and have the time! :flowers:).

    From Marni:


    As I mentioned in the Marni thread, I also like the design of these, but I think I'd prefer them in non-patent leather. I love the grey and tan combo, though:


    They also have some nice looking sandals.
  10. I really like the red and grey. What's the price range of a Marni's bag like that?
  11. ^ So do I. :yes:

    I'm afraid I have no idea (I'm not even sure if it's patent leather, or vinyl!). Either way, it will probably be comparatively affordable, when compared with many other R-T-W designers.
  12. Are they available on-line anywhere?
  13. I love the Jimmy Choo Ramona in zebra hair-calf.
  14. ^ I remember seeing it on your thread. :yes: It's lovely! :heart:

    Please feel free to post a pic of it here, too, nb! :flowers: