Our Coaches all dressed up!

  1. Let's all post pictures of our Coach all "dressed up" with charms/keyfobs, scarfs ect. I'll go first, here's are some pictures of my new Signature Stripe Patchwork tote all dressed up with the new ladybug signature flower charm and the multicolor flower charm. BTW: the ladybug charm actually comes with nickel hardware, but since I wanted to match it with my new patchwork tote, I exchanged the keyring with a brass keyring from the owl keyfob. This was actually DH's idea, isn't he so smart??? hehehe. :graucho::love::woohoo:
  2. Ooops :sweatdrop:
    PatchwFlower.jpg PatchwFlower1.jpg
  3. [​IMG]
    strawberry and brass script heart

    gold signature with strawberry

    gold with my cute turtle


    watermelon with my scribble

    Gallery with brass heart
    gold straw.jpg gold turtle.jpg sribble water.jpg gallery heart.jpg
  4. Here's my red gallery tote, whiskey legacy shoulder bag and my Ali all dressed up and ready to go.
    Valentine Scarf.jpg Legacy Shoulder with Strawberry.jpg Ali with Lock.jpg Ali with scarf.jpg
  5. I think there's already a thread on this....
  6. Sorry if there has already been a thread on this...but I think it would still be fun since I know people are always buying new accessories and/or bags! :smile::wlae:
  7. Bag Fetish, I love how you "dress up" your bags with those charms, they all look so cute! I especially love the little strawberry :drool:, I saw that they had them on the Japan site--but when I called to order through JAX they didn't have it. :sad::crybaby:
  8. When I ordered mine there were only 5 left ( I only got it ab out a month ago) but it seems others here said it was on back order.

    I too called JAX when I ordered it. Perhaps if you call back and ask if they are getting more....
    Good Luck!
  9. Well I always have mine all nice and dressed up
    Here are a couple of my faves

  10. ^^wow I LOVE that straw tote w/the green lining matched up w/the scribble scarf... beautiful! :drool:
  11. ahh i LOVE seeing everybody's bags all dressed up; you're all so good at it! :smile: here's my ergo tote w/apple keyfob, & duffle with a ponytail scarf!
  12. Everyone on here is so creative, part of the reason why I created this thread was to see all of your bags to get ideas! All the bags look so lovely!:woohoo:
  13. Wow, everyone's bags are gorgeous all dressed up! What a great thread!
  14. ^ LAlterio, i LOVE your coffee icon!!!!!!!! coffee is my second love next to coach, of course ;) how did u get it? TOO cute! :smile:
  15. All these bags look so great! BTW, I love coffee too...