Our Coach tPF keyfob has been decided! Get details here!

  1. Hi Ladies,

    Thanks for participating in helping us decide what our Coach keyfob would be. The winner was the Key heart keyfob. :yahoo:

    We have decided to let everyone order these for themselves. Due to the cost being higher then excpected. You can order your keyfob at this website.
    Money Clips + Keychains + Tools - Personalized Key Chains It's the lock my heart keychain.

    The inscription that we chose is Coach@tPF the T will be in lower case letters. You can start your ordering now and if you have any questions you can PM me.
  2. I think I might get one of these w/my name on it instead. I mean from far away you can't read it. ;o)
  3. so cute!! great choice.
  4. I was thinking my name too--or even my handle on TPF?

    Whatcha think?
  5. you might not be able to do your handle your only allowed so much space. Coach@tPF just did fit.

    Mine is ordered!!!
  6. :tup: bump
  7. got mine :yahoo:
  8. Who else has ordered one alreay?
    I have to wait to order one for my self. :crybaby:Anyone who has followed my threads recently knows that I lost my job and im trying to save every penny until I can find a new one. I can't wait until I can afford one of these beautiful keychains for myself.:sad:
  9. ^i don't have the money either. *hug*

    but anyone who is interested in the fortune cookie, pm me. i need 10 more people for an order
  10. I don't have the money either right now ... jobless as well. later in the week, maybe!!

    kal, how much do the fortune cookies end up being?
  11. I think I'll be passing this time even though its adorable. I just have so many Coach keyfobs and charms already its hard to use them all.
  12. I order mine...will post picture when rec'd
  13. i think im going to pass on this, because i switch bags SO often (2-3x per day) that id have to get a few so i dont have to keep changing them on every bag.
  14. bump bump