Our Beloved Chanel Bags

  1. Dear all,

    This is the very first forum I've ever joined, which goes to show you how much I love Chanel bags (I brought my first two Chanel bags this year, a Cambon and a Baby Classic).

    I have introduced this thread because I wanted to see all the Chanel members display their bags with pride.

    I am travelling for work but I will post a picture of my Baby Classic in the next few days (my Cambon is back in the UK at the moment).

    I'm really glad I've now joined and am really looking forward to getting to know everyone.
  2. There's already a thread like this titled you and your chanel, or something like that. Also, they're posted in the bag showcases!

    Anyways, I can't wait to see your pictures, I'm looking forward to them!
  3. Thanks for letting me know about showcase, I gonna check it out for sure.

    I don't know if other forum members know about Chanel at Heathrow Airport, London. I get all my Chanel from there, and its 17.5% off as they have taken all VAT off.
  4. chanelbaby - It sure is cheaper getting from the airport! I bought my first from there - a jumbo black caviar with silver h/w. But you don't get the full 17.5% VAT off - its actually about 15%. I think they charge a couple % for admin.

    Can't wait to see your pics!
  5. Welcome to the forum! Nice to have you here!
  6. Hi thanks for the link to you and your Chanel. Its a great thread :yes:

    Been working long long long hours so completely forgot that I have a pix of me with my Cambon on this laptop, I tried to post a reply to the link but it says my pix is too big but will keep trying.

    I can't wait to get back to the UK to fly out again, just so I can buy another Chanel bag, I'm after a medium gold bowling bag.

    I've had a crazy idea about having a big Chanel party in UK when my flat is fixed up, invite lots of UK forum members to come along with their bags! and then post the party pix on the forum!!!! Should I start a new thread with this idea??? What do you think girls?
  7. Honestly, you may want to spend some time getting to know people first.
    You only a have 3 posts and people are understandably very wary of people they don't know, especially regarding meeting them in person.

    We have a LOT of Purse forum get togethers, but people spend a couple of months planning them and it's usually hosted by people that everyone knows.
  8. thanks for the advice :smile: I really appreciate it as I'm totally new to forums.

    Btw my little sister is a mum of three too I wish she felt she was a swanky mama! I try to remind her she is not just someone's mum she is still her :smile:
  9. yeah, Mommy's shouldn't have to be frumpy, I work hard to try and maintain some minimum level of swankiness!
  10. Welcome to the forum :biggrin:
  11. Welcome, this is such a great site. I would love to get in touch with members in London and Paris. Oh my, a CHANEL party in Paris. What a thought!!!!!!!!!
  12. yep, everyone is so friendly, normally if I go out in my Chanel I get some nasty looks...... ooooooo it must be fake, but the thing is on this website everyone is just so enthused and genuine about enjoying the fruits of their labour. I brought my Cambon to reward myself, sorta my own medal, after serving my country.
  13. Welcome! ;)
  14. Welcome:supacool: