Our bake sale fundraiser this weekend:-)

  1. Hi Guys!

    Just though that I'd post this article from our local paper about the fundraiser that I worked at all this weekend. I got to have a picture in the paper (and it isn't too hideous or anything, always a relief!) plus the article raises awareness about a really good cause (Dogs Deserve Better -- a group that works to stop animal abuse, especially the chaining of dogs outside w/o proper shelter, water, or love).

    I think it's neat b/c there are so many organizations that work to help homeless animals -- who certainly need help! -- but not as many helping to end abuse. Here's the link:biggrin:

  2. MandM, you rock! Nice pic as well :biggrin:
  3. That is awesome!! You look great MandM :heart: Reading the thread title made me want home made cookies really bad just now. .
  4. Congrats on the fundraiser! Nice picture BTW.:biggrin::flowers:
  5. do you live in state college????
    i used to live there too..... :biggrin:
  6. Great picture. What a wonderful cause. I hope you were able to raise a lot of awareness and help for doggies.
  7. that is so cool..... gosh, sounds like u had fun... feels great to help for a good cause.. n ur pic was nice too..
  8. I would support this event if I were there. It's a good cause.
  9. Thank you guys! It was super fun. I think that there are chapters all over the country, so if you're in America, you could check them out -- great places to look if you want to adopt.

    me_love_purse -- I DO live here in State College! When were you here? Did you go to Penn State? It's a great town. Not too exciting, but very peasant:smile:
  10. It's really a great cause & you are awesome for helping out, congrats on the successful fund raiser.