Our baby boy ~

  1. Our 8 yr old baby Passion~:yahoo: He's a rescue dog. See, he's smiling ^^ mummmm~

  2. He's adorable! Your Hamster's a cutie, too!:smile:
  3. He's so cute!!
  4. Awe what a sweetie!
  5. Aww he is so cute. He really does look like he is smiling.
  6. OMG, soooooooo cute!
  7. I think it's really cool and great that you took in a rescue dog. He's so cute and he is smiling cus he's got a great mommy!
  8. Adorable!
  9. He's a cutie pie!
  10. Very cute, and he looks happy to have landed in a great loving home! You are an official member of the Rescue Mom's club!
  11. He's adorable!
  12. aww! so cute!!!
  13. He such a sweetie.
  14. Sooo cute! Love the smile!
  15. aww.. what a cutie!!