Our *APRIL* Coach buys! ~HAPPY SPRING!!~

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  1. Yay!! Its Spring!! Such a beautiful time of year for friends, fun, and of course Coach!! What I love most about spring is all of the beautiful colors and styles Coach has to offerladies lets get to posting our lovely new spring items!! Bags, and wallets, and fobs OH MY!!!
  2. We're getting 10" of snow today :sad: Where is spring? LOL I ordered the Lydia hat in Soho Multi. I shall post pics when I pick it up later this week.
  3. I live in TC too nawth!!! I know... sucky... definitely can't be excited for spring now... I hate driving in this crap too! :crybaby:Can't wait to see pics!

  4. Oh no! You poor girl! Come visit me in CA:nuts:. its sunny and will be in the 70's today:yes:
  5. I wish is was in CA im in TX and its already 80 degrees. HOTT!!!!!
  6. ^^ 80 degrees already?? daayammm!
  7. ugh. 70s. sounds divine! It'll be in the 50s this week so it will melt. but it is such a hassle, especially since I get to drive from St. Paul to Edina. oh and have to stop in uptown to pick up fiance. yuuuuck!
  8. I didn't buy a single Coach bag in Feb or Mar.

    I think I should buy one this month!
  9. Ugh I so feel your pain nawth! I used to drive from Maplewood to St. Louis Park to work everyday, which was a pain in the rear on a good weather day!

    Now that I'm in Southwest Michigan, it's usually a few deg. warmer, but we had 14" of snow a week ago! Blechhh!!! It has melted away though and this morning I awoke to thunder:shrugs:

    When it's hard to think SPRING due to the weather outside, I try to think COACH and it makes me feel a lot better :yes:
  10. Yes, YES, you should! Way to rationalize a purchase!
  11. I'm with ya on that one!!

    I only got a wristlet... and that is NOT enough to quench my Coach thirst! :P

    Hopefully the Macy's F&F sale starts in MD this month... then I can get my Carly :yahoo: And I can't wait to go outlet shopping, whenever that'll be..
  12. YES YOU SHOULD! (Did I do a good enabling job?);)
  13. Girl! I am going to take you outlet shopping with me after I get back there :yes: I myself am going to Queenstown either Wed evening or Thur am (or both :lol:) assuming the weather lets me leave TX this time.

  14. You did! We should hit the boutique together! :flowers:
  15. Ohhh, lemme know what goodies you find (and/or BUY :graucho:)

    I think I can go as soon as my mom stops being so busy with tax season stuff... APRIL 15!