Our AD in Oprah's Magazine!!

  1. Way cool! Have you gotten the December issue of "O" yet?? Our ad is with Sams Club. The one that is a whole page of M&M's with our InColor Line mixed in. So cool! I will scan it later!!:wlae:
  2. Congrats!! :yahoo: Can't wait to see it!
  3. Here it is! I'm SO excited! I think my son now has a lifetime supply of M&M's!
  4. so pretty and yummy at the same time

    thanks for sharing chag!
  5. lifetime supply of M&Ms?!?!! how neat!!

    that is a GORGEOUS ad! congrats!
  6. Awesome! :yahoo: congrats!!!!
  7. love the ad:heart: many congrats
  8. wow love the ad!! so creative.. congratulations :smile:
  9. Such pretty colors and I'm not just talking about the M & M's! Lovely ad!
  10. Really nice ad!
  11. Congrats on your ad... well thought out and very inviting. I would buy for sure. Your rings are TDF:flowers:
  12. Such a pretty ad!
  13. Makes me want M&Ms and pretty jewels. Damn effective marketing...
  14. I think it's great!!! What girl can say no to that!
  15. Congrats. Anything Oprah advert turns sells. I can't wait for her Christmas gift show.
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