our 2-year anniversary - gift suggestions?

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  1. My boyfriend and I will be hitting our 2-year anniversary at the end of this month. He isn't an LV fanatic or anything, but I would love to get him a nice wallet or something that is understated and practical for daily use.

    He mentioned recently that he needs a business card holder. I would love to get him one that is easy to use and doesn't really speak LV!!!! (so no monogram).

    Another option is a wallet that is equally understated. He always keeps his in his pocket, so it has to fit there. I'm not sure if men are particularly attached to their wallets, but his leather wallet is so worn-in that I thought it would be a good idea to get him a new one. Right now, he has a black one that folds into a small business-card-ish size. Maybe something equally easy to slip into his pockets?

    Or, if there are any must-haves for men, I'll listen to your suggestions!

    THANKS in advance! :heart:
  2. I haven't yet, but some day hope to get my hubby a wallet from the Taiga line. They're understated, no logos, and classic. The only thing I found is that they may not fit in a smaller pocket (I had the same prob since hubby also carries wallet in his pocket). I know that LV has business card holders in Mono and Damier but don't know anything about the other lines. The only other thing I can think of is a belt, key chain, cuff links.
  3. i got my boyfriend the Taiga Florin wallet. it has eight credit card slots, an ID window and a coin compartment. the Taiga leather is exquisite, and it has that understated elegance
  4. damier 6 cc wallet, matching your damier FP....
  5. i personally like this taiga business card holder very much, i think your Bf will like it too.

  6. duncan, that looks really nice! V. classy. How many business cards does it hold? I think I'll go check this out at the boutique!

    tryagain, lol! That would be so cute to match our wallets (our phones match as of yesterday!). I'm not sure if he would like Damier, though, and I'm not sure how to ask him subtlely...I'd be happy if he did!

    yeuxhonnetes, I really like the Taiga line, too. I think he would like it -- very simple but classy. The Florin wallet looks good!

    rileygirl, you're quickly becoming my favourite user! You're always so helpful :smile:. Yeah, I'm afraid of the wallets not fitting in his pockets, too, and I think that's the #1 priority in his wallet choice. I'll go see them in stores :smile:.
  7. Hmm.. Maybe the Taiga Magellan wallet or Nomade wallet? Both have three card holders + coin pocket.
  8. Does he like sunglasses?
  9. What about agenda?? My boyfriend really like his Taiga Small Ring Agenda. How about wallet, credit card holder and coin purse? They are all great gifts.
  10. I bought my hubby the taiga florin wallet. He loves it.
  11. How about a Damier Billfold?? I really like those!
  12. Thanks for all the suggestions! I'm definitely gonna go check out the Taiga line of wallets. I know he needs sunglasses, but I think it's difficult to buy sunglasses for someone else, so I'm gonna hold off on those. As for the agenda, that's a pretty good idea, too!

    More suggestions are always welcome! :heart:
  13. I'd go with the Damier billfold!
    I am planning on buying it for my boyfriend for his birthday, and I even took him to LV to check these wallets out. I showed him the Florin wallet, he said it looked too big to fit in his wallet. I think the billfold would fit perfectly.