Oulet prices?

  1. Ive been wondering what designer outlet prices are like. visiting family in fl in a few days and thinking about going to the outlet mall in orlando that has burberry, coach, fendi, db, etc... maybe i can afford a keychain at fendi hahaha :p :p
  2. You can get some good bargains at outlets. Soemtimes a third off, sometimes more :biggrin:

    Dpending on the label, you may not find the more recent pieces there. e.g. there were no Spy bags at the Fendi outlet in Florence, Italy but YSL were selling Muses. I I know someone bought one for EUR700.
  3. We went to the Coach outlet last Christmas and got some spankin' deals! :smile:They had several designs that were on clearance and so super discounted. The purse and wallet I ended up getting were more than 40% off between the outlet price and the sale they had. I can't wait to go again. :smile:
  4. I have been to that Outlet many times. You have to go and see what you find. They have great discounts. Good luck.
  5. you can find great deals in outlets, but make sure you love what you buy because most companies carry different and/or discontinued stock at the outlets and you cant return them to the regular stores.
  6. Be sure to ask if the item is first quality. Some of the bags will have been made for the outlet! Coach frequently does this, but even the top-top brands will. (SPACE is an outlet for Prada/Miu Miu, and they differentiate between first quality and non by the last few numbers in the serial number!)

    Know what you're buying!
  7. And don't expect to find loads of current stock there - you may not find a single thing you like. The key is to remember that it's only a bargain if you were willing to pay full price for it to start with!
  8. There are lots of great deals at our Coach outlet, which is very large and often receives styles just a few months after they've hit the boutique stores. I've already seen several of the newer legacy line, Ergo, etc., and they also have some great styles from previous seasons that are heavily discounted. Good luck!
  9. As far as designer outlets, my experience has been that the "trendier" styles or colors, and older styles/colors, will be discounted more heavily. On holiday weekends most of the outlets will have some kind of "additional x% off" sale. You can find really great deals sometimes, and other times there will be nothing good - it's really hit or miss.
  10. went today, and coach had 20 upto 40% off on everything, including clearance... Im poor so i got this one for 112 dollars after tax :smile:

  11. Nice bag :biggrin: !