ould this be true?? Great deal on coffer

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  1. So I was perusing the Barney's website earlier and came across a black coffer for only $579!!! I snatched her up quick but wondering if Barneys is anything like NM and takes your order but then cancels it later b/c it's OOS.

    Also, how is the lambskin leather? Does the coffer tend to scratch easily or scuff? I'm looking to use this as my everyday bag and want something that will stand up to whatever I throw at it. :graucho:

    I just KNOW miu2 has some knowledge on this so speak on it sisters!!!! TIA!!
  2. I hope you get this bag, I really do. But please don't be upset if you get cancelled in a few days. I had three Mius cancelled on me during their sale.

    I finally got a Coffer on eBay after getting it authenticated here of course! It's a caramel color and scratches easily, but they also rub out pretty well too so I don't think you'll have to worry much about that.

    Again, best of luck! I hope you get it! :tup:
  3. Thx!!! Was it Barneys that you ordered from? Got my fingers crossed!!!
  4. Alouette!! Hi! I LOVE the baby pic avatar-- so cute!

    I have a dark brown Coffer and let me say that I LOVE it to bits as an everyday bag. The leather is buttery soft but I also find it sturdy enough to carry frequently, which I do -- maybe 2 or 3 times a week. Yes, scratches rub out nicely.

    My Coffer came with me on a plane to Paris packed with all the junk you'd want on a long flight. And then, on several days, she schlepped all over Paris with me, morning till night, getting the grand tour. I spilled a bit of coffee on the flap which came out really nicely with plain water leaving not a mark! On the flight home, I carefully examined every seam, every pleat, every piece of hardware, the flap, pockets, everything and she was and remain just great!

    I hope you get this bag and I think you'll love it. And I'm sure Miu2, our resident Coffer Queen :smile: will chime in as soon as she can, too!
  5. I ordered that bag at that price from Barney's along with 2 other bags. I didn't get any. Later I ordered another Miu Miu from them not expecting to get it and I was right. I didn't get that one either. I hope you get yours. It's a great price but don't be disappointed it you don't.
  6. Neiman Marcus had the coffer on sale for a splitsecond. It was gone before I could purchase it!:confused1:

    I think it was a web return cos' the coffers are not discounted online or in the stores.
  7. Well then I'm def not getting my hopes up. I'm already shopping for other black totes as we speak since it sounds like it's not looking good.

    Minette - Thx soo much! You are very sweet! I need to update my avatar w/ another pic that's more recent. He's a big ball of fun!!! lol
  8. ok so I checked the order status today on barneys website and it shows preparing for shipping. My cc already has the amount taken from my avail balance. Are these good signs or should I still not celebrate quite yet?
  9. Oooohh Alouette - what a GREAT deal you got!!!

    Sorry for the delayed response and I definitely DO have something to say about the black Coffer. I have held her close to me daily for several months now and STILL ABSOLUTELY LOVE HER :love:!! I swear, I have never owned a bag that I LOVE as much as I do this one.

    The leather is TDF, stands up to everything (even rain!) without a scratch or mark. The best part is that - the more you use it: the softer the leather gets!!

    I am sure that you will feel the same as Minette and I do - WE LOVE OUR COFFERS!!! Please keep us posted on the status of yours and do post pics once you have her in your loving arms!! :love: Congrats Alouette and Welcome to the "Coffer Club"!!! :heart::yahoo::wlae:
  10. ^^There you are!!!!! I was wondering where you've been!! I heard something about vacationing in Vegas?!

    Thx! I am still keeping my fingers crossed that the next time I check the status, it will show shipped.

    So ya think it'll truly be mine or shall I still wait w/ baded breath? I'm so wanting to become a member of the Coffer Club..lol! :roflmfao:
  11. Is there an 800 number or someplace you can call to have a real-live person give you the status of the bag? :confused1: I don't blame you for being anxious, because at that price, I swear, you got the "Mother of All Deals"!!!:lol: I, personally, have never ordered anything from Barneys - so I don't know how reliable they are. But if the status showed "preparing for shipping" - it seems to me that the bag is halfway into your arms!! :graucho: I'll keep my fingers crossed too - just keep us posted on the status! ;)
  12. I'll most likely call tomorrow. If I get it, this will by far be the best deal I've ever gotten on anything!

    I'll be sure to keep you posted!!!
  13. Geeez Alouette --if you get it, that could be the deal of the decade! It's really a ten-thumbs-up bag! Can't to hear the news!!
  14. Alouette - I just noticed......if you get the Coffer, I'll bet you'll be the first one at Dunder Mifflin to have one!! :roflmfao: You aren't related to Dwight Schroop are you? I just love Dwight!!!:lol::lol:

  15. :roflmfao::roflmfao: I'm dying here!!!!!! LMAO!!!! Yea...Pam, Angela, Meredith, and Phyllis are going to be so jealous!!!

    Not related to Dwight but I used to work on the beet farm w/ him! lol!!!!

    Minette - I would love to get this bag as an everyday bag. It would be an awesome deal but I wonder why Barney's had this fab bag on sale for such a low price?! :confused1::confused1: