Oulaliscious is clueless..Help her find a new bag that POPS!:)

  1. Hi Everyone!

    I hope guys are all doing fine?!I've seen some gorgeous new bags on here recently..wow..
    So, I really need your help with my next BBag Quest..Ihave been working very hard last couple of month and decided to treat myself with a new bag..
    As some of you might know , often BBag Deals somehow fall in my hands( friends that sell, sales etc.) so I LOVE all my bags but all of them somehow found me in a way, and most of the times I couldn't really choose the colours..(don'T get me wrong I love every single one of them..)[​IMG]

    It's mostly neutrals as u see and I really want some colour badly!
    What do you think?! Which style or colour would"pop" up my collection a bit?!:shrugs:
    Should I get a red bag like I wanted for a while?Should I wait for Magenta which I LOVE a lot..Should I go for jaune !?

    TIA girls I'd really appreciate your help!:heart:
  2. oooooooooooooh yes, a red. that would be nice.
  3. If you love the new magenta, wait for that one!

    But OMG!! I LOVE the colors in your collection, I'm kind of an earthy girl so :drool::heart:
  4. :love:violet:love:
  5. Another vote for Violet!
  6. My first instinct is to vote for violet, I adore this color. However, you look so beautiful in your avatar with that red top that I imagine it would be an amazing color on you, still neutral enough for a neutral girl like you (me too), and it's definitely a nice pop of fun color year-round.

    I had a Tomato bag and I only sold it because the style didn't suit me; otherwise, the color was delicious!

    By the way: your marigold mini-classique is driving me nuts! :drool:
  7. I think a red City or Day would be a good next bbag for you, Oula!
  8. A red bag would look fabulous in that collection!
  9. I would vote for a Red Day :heart: as well ;o)
  10. I adore your collection!!!! I am more of a neutral girl myself. Every bright bag I've ordered has gone back. I just can't seem to carry it. I love the new colors for S/S 08- are any of those appealing to you? Other wise I just got a Tomato SGH coin purse and that has really got me thinking..... Someone else said you look great in red and I totally agree:yes:! Good luck with your decision!!!!
  11. i think red or violet is a really easy bright color that is very wearable. :smile: it would look great in a first or a city!
  12. All of your bags are awesome. Great colors. Both the red or magenta would be beautifull, but if you want the magenta get it. I have been thinking about that color as well. Both colors can go from season to season also.
  13. You are such a beautiful girl! You should have a red vif or tomato in a city or work style. You are tall, you have that gorgeous blonde hair, and you were just made for to carry a bright red Balenciaga bag!
  14. Another vote for red! Magenta is lovely but I think red is more neutral.
  15. Oh, your collection is dying for red! It'll definitely bring a well roundedness to your babies. How exciting!