Oula and her BBags headin' to NYC!!!

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  1. Hey guys,..
    so finally the day arrived and I'm headin' to NYC tomorrow morning..(for a min of 6weeks with only 20kg of free luggage:wtf: )
    Ive heard so many horror storys about missing and broken luggage that I decided to put all my BBags..wait all my bags in general plus jewellery and my fav. Tshirt in my carry on luggage:p
    Now the lil suitcase is full of my BBAGS and I just HAD to take a picture..


  2. Hey, Oula, have a safe and wonderful trip! There's got to be a Balenciaga meet-up in NYC while you're there. Erm...will you have any room left for additional Bbags, in the event that while you're here you get to see the pre-collection and just have to have something?!

    Anyone from NYC want to spearhead this? If a meet-up occurs I could easily train it up to NYC from Washington...
  3. Too funny! No room for anything else haha.

    Keep a close eye on that suitcase!!
  4. OMG, that is too cute! What are we looking at there... Mini, First, Twiggy, City? You're all set! Bye, b-bags, safe travels!
  5. Oula that is priceless! i love it!
  6. Have a good trip!! Love all your b bag colors!!
  7. hehee. you are so cute! have a great time!!!
  8. LOL, Oula! You are a true Balenciaga girl!!! I'm the same way....it's more important for me to have a complete B-bag selection with me while traveling than actual clothes! haha. Have a GREAT time in NYC! I'm so jealous you're going there and will get to visit the mecca of BalNY!
  9. Enjoy your trip. NY is a fun place, specially BalNY.:yahoo:
  10. i love your pics and think its a great idea, i certainly wouldnt let my bbags out of my sight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. LOL too funny!!

    Have fun! :party:
  12. I was thinking the same thing: be super, SUPER careful!

    call me paranoid, but I would hate for something to happen to that suitcase.

  13. thanks everyone...Ill tie this one to my hand and it will need several flight attendatnts to seperate us:yes::p

    Im am so super excited BUT am heavy ova luggage limits already..whats a girl to do..
    I mean u need matching shoes to all of those wonderful BBags:yahoo: