Ouchies - Hand numbless - too much computer time?

  1. I posted this on the eBay forum section and no response all day, so guess maybe I should try here, maybe I put it in the wrong spot ... or no joy on this ..

    Ouchies .. I just opened a ProStore .. I'm not doing handbags but thought I'd post here for some help anyway, I do Souvenir Fridge Magnets and have for about a year and am relisting inventory and designing my eBay store under a ProStore now.


    Anyway I use a trackball and love it but I have developed full time numbless in my small 2 right fingers on my right hand and the edge of my arm all along my right finger up to my elbow that is now constant :push: - this has been for a week now, and its impeding movement when I'm cooking or doing anything now -- I'm getting concerned.

    I dont use an arm rest or anything -- any suggestions what I should get or do? I am taking a break mostly from desiging my store and listing stuff and taking some Aleve hoping that will help.

    Thanks for any input.
  2. Ok, I don't want to be alarmist here, but you really should get this checked out by someone medical. Numbness means that you're somehow compressing the nerves in your hand, which can lead to serious stuff. Usually a wrist brace and an ergonomic mouse solves the problem. (I'm a college student studying computer science so I know my share of people who spend 8+ hours a day on the computer & develop things like this...)
    Good luck!
  3. If I'm on the computer a lot, I notice that certain parts of my hands become "numb". It's usually the places where my hands rest on my laptop and my right middle finger tip (that I use to work my mouse) :smile:
  4. my little finger goes numb when I'm on teh computer a long time and my mouse hand is always colder than the other
  5. many years ago, i used a trackball with my right hand and had the same problem. i finally went back to a regular mouse and started using the left hand. now i use a trackpad with my right hand again and it's ok except some times it does tense up - too much tPF
  6. Oh! I'm glad I'm not alone!!!
  7. When it's the outside fingers (As opposed to thumb and pointer finger, which is generally caused by Carpal Tunnel Syndrom) it's quite often caused by compressed nerves in the NECK (Of all places). The nerves that run down the arm and end in those fingers come through the Scalene muscles which are on the sides of the neck. The Scalene muscles sort of overlap one another with the nerves squeezing in between. When those muscles get over developed from repetative movements or having your neck tilted forward at the compter all day, the nerves get pinched off. And alas, your hands go numb. You can eliminate this by getting regular deep tissue massages or seek accupressure. You need to have them focus on the Scalenes, Pec Minor and your Ulnar Nerve. I have the same problem. It really is a drag.
  8. Yes, numbness and cold are signs of carpal tunnel. Go to a doc, they can snip the muscle and you will be fine.

    Also, try to sleep with your wrists straight, rather then bent.
  9. Most of the time, they will tell you carpal tunnel. You can buy a hand splint and wear that which decreases the movement of your hand and wrist. (it allows for better circulation) Some people find it really helps to wear it at night when they sleep.

    Another thing that helped me was taking potassium/magnesium in a supplement. I took two a day as told to me by my physician. Actually, I was having terrible problems and noticed this immediately help me. Someone else I recommended this told me they felt some improvement in about two weeks.