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  1. this is a vent thread girls... don't mind me...:push:

    so i just got my brand new Honda Civic Coupe EX 2007 on saturday! :party: and i was taking HIM(he's black and SO fierce and HANDSOME definitely can't be a SHE) out for a joyride... i had my blueberry day with me... and when i was twisting around to put my bag to the back one of the tassles got stuck in the seatbelt and SNAPPED...!!! :crybaby:

    oh GAWD i knew this was gonna happen sooner or later but DAMN when it snapped it felt like one of my heart strings broke...!! :crybaby: and i was sorta caught in that situation that i had no1 to blame it on! i mean... i just COULDN'T blame that on my other new baby, now, could i...? :p

    just needed some sympathetic ears... :sweatdrop:
  2. OH NO!! ..........call Balenciaga NY and ask for replacement tassels!!! don't worry you can get more, but I know how you feel:crybaby:
  3. If your tassel didn't break in the middle, then I would simply trim it (like I did to my FIRST when my cats started to chew on the ends).

    If it broke in the middle, I will switch THAT tassel with the one on the pocket. I hardly use the pocket, but need the length for the bag opening.

    Give BalNY a call to order some new tassels. At this rate, you might be out of tassels very shortly. :yes:
  4. Oh and I forgot congrats on your new sexy car:yahoo:
  5. OH my, I feel for you but don't stress out too much you can order replacements for next to nothing.
  6. I think this calls for a picture of your Day with the culprit (your new car) I would love to see them both!
  7. Congrats on your new car. Hopefully he and Miss Day will come to an agreement after this. A peace treaty, perhaps? :smile:
  8. Photos please!
  9. :crybaby:I feel your pain. I am not looking forward to the day when I do this.
  10. Oh no! I used to get so upset about stuff like that, but now I just leave it as is and let the bag develop it's own "character". lol
  11. I just did the same thing yesterday to my Blueberry City! I was sitting here on the computer and I set her on the floor next to me and when I went to get up, I was stepping on one of the tassels, and "snap" it was broken in half :sad:
    But I calmed down quickly knowing it could be replaced easily! whew!
  12. LOL!!!!!!!! Don't sweat the small stuff!!! My son was mad at me (he's 6) and grabbed my Bbag and snapped the tassel in half!!! I was so mad but what could I do? OH WELL!

    You could use the tassel that's on your mirror.
  13. thanks for the vent ladies...! ;) so far the only vent i've had has been bouncing up and down indignantly with muffled screaming(in the car)..! :hysteric:

    will post pics of Culprit!!! :p and Victim too..!
  14. oh and anyone know Bal ny's phone number? hopefully they ship to canada...
  15. DITTO!!! Pics of both, with you modeling, would be greatly appreciated, please... :yes: