OUCH sore swollen breasts

  1. I had my period last month on the 12th. Right after my period, my breasts started getting really sore - on the sides near my armits and they seemed to have gone up a size they are so swollen, my normal bras don't fit. Is this normal with PMS? I had sore breasts before but I never noticed a significant size increase - I am pretty small normally 34A but I'm definitely a B and they seem to be drooping LOL.

    Just curious if anyone else has this and what I can do to relieve the pain? I can't WAIT for my period to come, and I never say that, as I can't deal with this.

    I have a past history of endo and am being treated with abx for lyme disease - not sure if it's fluid retention from either of these issues. I called the pharmacy about the meds I'm on and they don't cause retention. There's no weight gain on the scale either, though I feel there should be!

    Thanks for any thoughts.
  2. That's really strange, there should be some wait gain, even if it's water, considering your bras aren't fitting. Even when I am PMSing and have retained water, there is maybe a pound or two that resides when I start my cycle. I would definitely talk to a doctor about it. Could it be cysts? These aren't serious, but maybe it could be the reason for the soreness?
  3. My boobies are swelling 2 sizes big, and hurt, when pms ing. And sometimes hurt and feel hard when I'm ovulating. I checked with the doctor and she said its normal, they are just sensitive boobies.
    Please check with your doc! Just to make sure its only pms!
  4. my boobs get sore and a little swollen and feel really firm when im PMSing but not so much that i need a bigger bra.
    like others have said id go and see your dr just to check everythng is ok.
  5. OMG, I used to literally ACHE because my poor girls got so huge and distended. If I hit a pothole in the road when I was driving it brought tears to my eyes!

    One of the joys of being perimenopausal (for me anyway) is that it doesn't happen any more. :yahoo: