ouch...new CAD price for the e/w caviar

  1. they went up by $550 CAD, new price is now $1675, the price of med. caviar pre price increase was 1800, now it's 2200
  2. I know. I called my SA for a beigh E/W caviar. She advised me of the price. :sad: She's ordering one for me from Toronto but I think I am going to back out.
  3. now, i'd rather pay more and get the med. clasic flap. the e/w is not worth it in CAD.
  4. True, but I already have a medium classic flap and was interested in a second buy.
  5. I also spoke to a Chanel SA today and this was what I was told:

    Caviar E/W - Was Cdn$1,150 and is now Cdn$1,450 (US$1,325)

    Lambskin E/W - Was Cdn$1,275 and is now Cdn$1,675 (US$1,550)

    This is more consistent with the US prices too.

    I think there's a lot of confusion about the prices still even with the SA's, so please make sure you're charged the right prices ladies!
  6. that's insane!! i guess they are filtering out all the die-hard chanel lovers...:crybaby:
  7. the SA in Vancouver told the the caviar E/W is now $1625. How strange...
  8. xtc angel... I called Vancouver also.. its 1675.
    Med or some call it large flap is 2400.
  9. yikes!
  10. At least I am happy I got my flap for $1900 CAD. I feel like I just saved $500 LOL!
  11. i thought the med. caviar flap was 1800, did you get it in lambskin?
  12. I did get the lambskin. LOVE IT!
  13. Does anyone know what the new CDN price is for the jumpo classic flap in caviar?
  14. LOL...how come the prices across Canada are different???