Ouch... My Tory Burch Reva's are Killing Me!

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  1. I am SO heartbroken.:crybaby: A few weeks ago I ordered the TB Reva's in Gold from a lovely online store, www.cricketsshoes.com, and they came quickly and were packed beautifully. I took them with me when I traveled to DC 2 weekends ago and wore them most of the day Saturday. My feet were killing me by mid-afternoon!

    I haven't worn them outside since, but when I came home from work today, I put them on thinking I should wear them around the house for awhile to soften them up or stretch them out or whatever. Well, its been about an hour, and my dogs are in pain! It feels like the metal medallion is pressing into the top of my foot right at the bottom of my big toe. Yikes! These shoes cost almost $200, I love them (would even buy them in another color if they felt good.) Since I've worn them outside already, they do have some scuff marks on them and I wouldn't dream of returning them.

    I wear 8.5's or 9's and these are a 9. My foot isn't too wide or too narrow. I don't have bunions. Shoes usually fit me pretty well. Help!
  2. Have you tried using small inserts like Foot Petals to keep the shoes from rubbing your feet? That might help.
  3. eeeek....im so sorry! thanks for sharing this - im also a 8.5 or 9 and was considering getting the revas in 9....AND i was also thinking, even if they kill me initially im sure they'll get better once i break em in...lol...it sounds like it's just hurting you in one spot? the medallion pressing into your big toe? maybe you can temporarily cover that area with a small bandaid while you continue to "break em in"...? eee....don't hurt yourself too much!
  4. I have these same shoes and besides feeling narrow on me I've never had this problem. I would suggest putting something in the shoe between where the medallion is & the part of your toe that hurts. Like a thin "foot petal" or something.
  5. new shoes are bound to hurt to a certain extent when you wear them
    i always carry lots of band aid with me
  6. I ordered the silver ones and it sounds like I will need to break them in very slowly......thank you for posting your experience.
  7. Thanks for your post because I have been considering buying a pair and I'm a 8.5, 9 as well. I've been eyeing the leopard reva flats- but I'm not sure now....:wondering
  8. oh no! For a $200 shoe, it is not suppose to be a pain to wear. Maybe wear stockings for several times just to break in the shoes? I hope you can find a solution.
  9. i'm guessing maybe you have a high arch? i have a very arched foot and as a result i have trouble finding shoes with buckles or medallions that don't kill my feet. sometimes they leather will stretch and the pain will stop but unfortunately there's no guarantee... sorry to hear that. it's happened to me before with shoes i absolutely loved...
  10. It's not just you! I was in a boutique yesterday where 3 women were ALL saying they are ridiculously painful- one of the women works in the shop amnd was wearing slippers because those shoes were KILLING HER FEET!

    That conversation saved me from buying yet another pair of shoes I won't wear.
  11. Same here. A lot of shoes tend to "cut" into the top of my foot, even when they're the right size and width. It's just a matter of finding which brands/styles will work for you.
  12. I am very sorry about your painful experience. Sometimes a shoe is just not cut right for your foot, and it is always going to be painful. Have you asked at a shoe repair if they can stetch the top part where it digs into your foot?
    I do want to thank you for posting the Cricket store link, I clicked and found a cute pair of Sigerson Morrision sandals at a super clearance. I hope they fit as they are not returnable at the clearance price.
  13. hm... very strange. i have 3 pairs of the reva flats that i wear all the time because they are soooo comfy! do you have trouble with other flats?
  14. i have a pair and i don't have any problems...it funny because i never find flats that dont hurt my feet but for you it might be best to send them back if you can b/c it just might end up in your closet and you never wear them you can use that money to find another pair that will not hurt you
  15. Im still in the works of breaking my my flats. They are sooo comfy!! MOre so then any other flats I have, and I have alot!

    Its comfortable for the first 2 hours, but certain part of the shoes hasnt stretched out yet... and thats where it hurts most.

    But bandaid usually does the trick!!

    Good luck... I hope it will work out for you!