ouch! my poor eyes have been blinded!

  1. LOL, that is the "yellowest" thing I have seen since the arms on the snow/ski suit I got for Christmas in 1988! WOW that is quite a color!
  2. my gosh, it killed mine too! how bright can that be!?
  3. :wtf::wtf:
    Need some shades!:supacool:
  4. what is blinding me is the price! Almost $500 for that??!?!?!? You have got to be kidding!
  5. OY! thats all i can say!
  6. whoa. you werent kidding with the Title of this thread. i guess i should have been warned :push: ...flashback to 3rd grade. haha
  7. :yucky: Whoa!
  8. I'm going to buy it, and wear it with my Hypercolor shirt, banana clips, and scrunch socks. That is screaming 80s! :jammin: I think if you carry it with a sense of humor (and sunglasses), it could work, but it certainly is bright!

    Spacey - I think I found your ski suit!


    ETA: I'm just joshin' ya. I'm not really buying it. :p
  9. Oh - great...

    You peaked my interest so I just had to click the link...

    Here comes the migraine...

  10. just a calibration problem but it is awful looking
  11. OH MY GONESS!!! Imagine holding that on a nice summer day. Could cause a car accident. That's a ridiculous price imo.
  12. Yuck!!! OMG!!! Well.. you'd def be spotted carrying that thing lol!!!! Everytime I blink I still see it I swear!!!
  13. haha- i actually hate that contrast stitching, but i did see a clutch at Saks this weekend in that color with the really big sid line studs on it in patent leather. it wasnt awful. :shame:
  14. holy 80s! that picture is so funny! :lol: