Ouch! My elastic heel CLs hurt my heels

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  1. I just got a pair of CL Exi peep toe elastic heel flats from ebay and I wore them today after picking them up from the cobbler. The elastic at the heel of the shoe rubs up against my heel. I have thin heels and shoes usually slip off of my feet but I can fix that by putting in the heel grips. Will heel grips help with elastic heel shoes?

    TIA! :biggrin:
  2. If those are slingbacks, can you put Strappy Strips on them?
  3. They are flats.

    I'm not sure heel grips will stick to an elastic back. This might be something your feet have to get used to; all my Lanvin flats have elastic backs that can be a little uncomfortable right in the beginning but I get used to them. Maybe use the sock trick and stretch them out a little so they don't pinch as much?
  4. honu, I had that exact problem with my Exi flats as I too have very narrow heels. Heel grips do not work and will not stick to the heel of the shoes. What I did to fix it was have a cobbler sew a small (1 or 1 1/2 inch) piece of elastic inside the heel of the shoe so that the elastic is the part that holds the shoe on my foot, as opposed to the heel of the shoe itself having to hold the shoe on. Does that make sense? I left the shoes at my mother's, so I can't take a photo. But the elastic just goes from one side of the heel to the other, horizontally, and is held on the shoe on each side with a small stitch. It cost about $15.
  5. Oh wow that is a great idea!! I will bring in my shoes to the cobbler next week to see what he can do. Thanks! :biggrin: