Ouch!!! My Coach BANGLE hurt me!!

  1. I was washing my hair the other night in my kitchen sink and I was wearing my gold/mahogany Coach Bangle. When I woke up the next day the section on my arm where the bangle was inflamed and itchy! Please take into consideration that I have sensitive skin, so I just wanted to warn everyone else. And also, does anyone know if these bracelets will tarnish and what do you clean them with?? I LOVE the way they look but they are :censor: getting on and off. I might just have to ship it`s little butt to eBay!
  2. awww that sucks :sad:

    im so sad i was actully JUST looking for my gold/punch bangle and i cant find it. im so upset :sad:
  3. I'm so sorry that happened! :sad: Unfortunately, I think it would tarnish. I'm not familiar with cleaning methods, hopefully someone else here will now!
  4. Thats what i was thinking too! I mean I got it during PCE for 78 bucks, but that is still alot for something that will tarnish and hurt me. There just so HOT though!!, lol..... I wonder if Coach will make anything out of real gold or silver??
  5. My friend takes clear nail polish and polishs the inside of all her bracelets for the very same reason, she does it with her rings too. I guess you couldn't do that and then try to sell it but it you really like it, it is worth a shot