Ouch! Magic Eraser Hurt My Bag!

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  1. Tried removing 2 small black spots on the leather trimming with a damped magic eraser. Read from somewhere need to be careful with the rubbing/cleaning else the leather may dry up. So I was really careful and gentle when doing it. I managed to remove the black spots but the magic eraser seems to have rubbed off the leather colour and now there are 2 different leather colour shades on the leather trimming! Tried putting some leather cleaner to moisture it but didn’t help. What should I do? :sad: 167874EB-22EA-44C7-AE41-DD97623DC303.jpeg

  2. What if you sit it out in the sun? Would that even it out?
  3. Oh no!!! So sorry to hear that. Magic erasers are abrasive.
    Maybe as above poster mentioned, putting it out in the sun. Good luck.
  4. I have a pre loved keepall 55 coming in soon that needs some cleaning. I was wondering if baby wipes would be better cleaning the trim, wouldnt do much now for the discoloration but maybe for next time.
  5. I used baby wipes to clean the canvas and leather trimming and there were dirts on the wipes. But baby wipes unable to remove any stains, had to use magic eraser. It works but then you need to be very gentle with it.
  6. Don’t worry about that, just leave it. Over time it will even out. If you keep trying different things it will definitely wreck the leather.
    Some people here will be completely against using magic eraser. I think it serves its purpose for certain things (like mould spots from storage on a vintage bag, in my case). But you do have to be careful and not go overboard. Since you already applied moisturizer on that area I wouldn’t do anything else. It’s barely noticeable.
  7. Agree with Karman. It's not that bad and is less noticeable than the black marks, I'm sure. Consider it a beauty mark and leave it alone.
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  8. Has it dried completely, might still be a little damp?
  9. I'll keep this in mind, I'm sure I will need to use both since from the pictures it has dark marks.
  10. Character!
  11. Magic Erasers are abrasive and it looks like you started to rub off the surface of the leather that had been exposed to the environment and developed a patina. I would personally just leave it be (it honestly is not noticeable and doesn't appear to be damaged) and let the leather re-develop the patina and use gentle leather soaps in the future (i.e Cadillac, Apple, BLMB, etc.)
  12. Thanks all, for all your advice. I gave it another wipe on the leather trimming with baby wipe and let it dry totally and dab it with some leather cleaner. The dryness has improved so much that I think it will be back to original shade pretty soon. Anyway, it’s a lesson learnt to just don’t mind those spots or stains. Bag is meant to be used :smile:
  13. Try leather conditioner? I use it on my couch and in my cars.
  14. As the patina grows darker with age, that spot won’t be noticeable at all, and is barely noticeable now. I’ve used Magic Eraser, but only on my Vintage Preloved bags with no problem, followed by Cadillac Conditioner.
    But I personally wouldn’t use it on a new bag or light vachetta.