OUCH! I snagged my mousseline! What now?

  1. Somehow my mousseline shawl got snagged, now it has a pucker in it. Has this happened to anyone else - and how did you fix it? Will this turn into a run? Can I smooth it out? Is my shawl doomed? Help please...:crybaby:
  2. FS, I'm so sorry this happened; have you tried stretching the fabric (take the opposite ends of where the snag is and pull away from each other) where the pucker is to smooth it out? I did that when I had a tiny snag on mine and it worked fine.
  3. you can also dampen your fingers with water, pinch the snagged area and gently run your pinched fingers down the length of the snag in short sections -- what you're trying to do is work the thread back into the fabric.
  4. Try fixing it like the ladies suggested. Sorry it happened, but it was bound to happen someday!
  5. Can you post a pic?
  6. Thanks everyone for the advice - I tried smoothing it out with my finger, and think the thread is worked back into the fabric. I just hope the thread did not break. I will try to take a photo soon; don't know how well it will show up. Since I am not the type to take great care with my clothes, I must acknowledge, as Nola said, that it was bound to happen someday.
  7. Sorry to hear. The ladies gave excellent advices. As long as the thread did not break, working it back into the fabric is your best bet. If fingers do not do the trick, try a magnifying glass and needles.
  8. Great advice, and thread.....If you do go at it with a needle, file it down with a very fine emory.

    Hopefully you have stopped the snag, now it will be a comfy happy scarf for you to wear knowing it has been inaugurated, so to speak!!!