Ouch...I broke my ban...

  1. I broke down and bought a jumbo bag home with me last week. I was so stressed last week (still is till I get the result) for my biopsy appt, so I stopped by the NM by Stanford and got this to go with me to the appt.:sweatdrop:

    This pic represented the true color of my ivory jumbo flap.

    back view...


    and my modeling pic...:p
  2. OMG!! that's such a beautiful bag.
  3. Beautiful! :wtf:

    Good luck with your biopsy appt.!
  4. :drool: :drool: :nuts: This bag is worth breaking your ban. Congrats, it's amazing and looks gorgeous on you.
  5. The bag is gorgeous! I love the color and it looks great on you. Congrats!

    Good luck on your biopsy appt!
  6. wow! congrats..and good luck with ur appt.
  7. nice jumbo.....got it too but with classic chain...same col/size
  8. beautiful bag! hope all goes well with your biopsy appt!
  9. I love this bag... it looks great on you!! I have the same beauty, but with the classic chains. :smile:
  10. that bag is so beautiful! good luck on your biopsy. it's definitely worth breaking the ban for some temporary satisfaction.
  11. Most importantly, good luck and keep us posted on the final outcome. Think positive!!

    Great bag too. You wear it well!
  12. this color looks great with the new chain!

    good luck with your biopsy.
  13. Love this color with the new chain! Congrats and best wishes!
  14. that is a beauty!!
    good luck :smile:
  15. I hope you're okay!!

    On the other hand, that jumbo really does look good on you. :nuts: I love the new chain.