1. i just love ottone. what other bags were made in ottone besides the cabat? i don't have a veneta and think it would be great in ottone. what bags were made in ottone and for those who have them; do you love them? do you tire of the color or just love it more and do they feel fabulous?
  2. I have the small flap cosmetic clutch in Ottone. I love it but I've never used it. The pic isn't stored on this computer but you can imagine what it looks like.
  3. they also make the sloane in ottone
  4. I'm jealous boxermom, I tried to get the small cosmetic clutch in ottone during the sale and missed out.
  5. ^ I'm with you Re Re, I covted the flap clutch in Ottone too. boxermom, you do have a great myriad collection of BV!
  6. small french wallet
  7. ReRe, ms piggy, I just buy too much! I have a couple drawers full of small things , mostly BV, that I don't use--I simply adore the little things. The Ottone is so unusual--it even feels different. I wonder how hard it is to make.