Ottone Sloane and Continental Wallet

  1. Hey all,:heart:

    BV from Atlantic City has Ottone Sloane and Continental Wallet, one of each. Please call Elena if you are interested. She is awesome; I have been buying from here for a while and she will always go out of her way to find what you need!:yes:
  2. Wow, somebody (other than me!) should buy these.
  3. :nuts: ITA!!! They must be stunning!!
  4. i was there yesterday and saw both and they are TDF. if only i didn't already have my ferro sloane.
  5. i saw the ottone sloane in manhasset on friday. it was fabulous. they also had the ottone cabat in medium.
  6. Oh oh oh!!! Someone PLEASE snap the Cabat up!!!! :love:
  7. Ottone sloan and cabat???:nuts: Is it the gold over gold base or gold over pink base? And do you remember the price? Oh......MG!
  8. I'm still waiting for mine to hit the UK! Please somebody buy this sloane in the US I'mdying to see the pics :yahoo::yes::drool:
  9. dolphingirl- it was not the gold over pink base. i looked like the original. i tried on the sloane and it was beautiful but that style isn't great on me and i already have the cabat. so i didn't really examine them closely. i think the price on the sloane was a little more than the regular sloane because there was a premium for the ottone.
  10. Plus the fact the leather is goat.
  11. an ottone cabat... *faint*... it's a dream come true. am glad for my bank account that it's not in singapore.
  12. The medium Ottone Cabat is $5900.
  13. The medium Ottone Cabat is $5900.
  14. Just came back from Vegas. The BV at Bellagio had the Ottone Sloane AND a Medium Ottone Cabat on display...
  15. If Elena isn't available, I love Nicole at BV AC. She's the manager and she's just amazing!