Ottone colour code?

  1. I just acquired a pouch (zip top makeup bag-like, but large, about 7 inches) from eBay that I thought might be Ottone but now I'm not sure. (It wasn't described that way, but I was hoping it was Ottone.) It's definitely metallic but more silvery than gold. I am out of town today but will try to post pix later. All the Ottone threads have indicated that colour is gold, not silver so I am wondering if anyone with an Ottone piece can post the BV code for it. If this exists as a thread already, apologies - am accessing the forum on my Blackberry and am just happy I can post!

    Thanks - you guys are the best!
  2. OK, the tag on this bag says 164817 V0F10 1204 and it feels more like suede than leather... Any help from someone with an Ottone bag who can check the code for me would really be appreciated. Thanks again! Will try to post pix tomorrow.
  3. There was a metallic silver called Peltro from a previous season; I wonder it that's what you got? Ottone is distinctly gold, no silver tone to it at all. I don't have anything ottone so can't help you with the color code, sorry!
  4. Wish I could help, mistikat, but I don't own the true ottone either. Mine is gold/pink and the colour code is half sewn in:push: thus illegible.

    Hope some ottone owners chime in soon!!
  5. On my ottone sandals, the code is 170072 VCIG1 7700. There must be one number from this set that's ottone.
  6. i figure the number code for ottone is either 17700 or 7700.

    my ottone wallet's code ended with these numbers too.
  7. Thanks, goiingnuts and dolphingirl! I suspect this is peltro and in any event, I think I'm going to sell it because though it's gorgeous, it's a bit too big to keep inside my bags, I think, and not quite what I would want for an evening clutch.