otticanet returns? does this reply look conflicting?


May 18, 2009
Hi everybody,

I just received my first order from otticanet... the sunnies I wanted were in stock and I got them from IT to the US in 3 days...
however they sadly didn't fit and were completely wrong for my face.

I have already filled out a request return form and now I am waiting on them, it says " dear customer, we inform you that we received your request to return the glasses, please wait for our confirmation email with all the instructions about the return,
I remind you that, if you don't respect this procedure, we will not be able to accept your package back"...

this just scares me a bit, they have really good reviews and they are great for the most part, except if you have to wait weeks and weeks getting something back from the manufacturer.. but this leads me to think if I do anything whatsoever besides just wait, I will threaten getting my full refund back... I already have to pay return shipping back to Italy, but I just did not expect them to not work. So is life, but anyway,

anyone have experience with returning and getting a full refund from ottica? did it work out fine and did you get the same email?