OTK socks for muscular calves?

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  1. I really like the look of OTK socks but as a kid I could never keep knee socks up. They always stretched out a lot over my calves and slid down during the day. I have slim ankles and monster calves (did ballet for years, now I bike and run and walk) and I'd like to hear other experiences with them. am I doomed to a droopy sock fate?

    I saw some cute ones at UO with three buttons at the top. I almost picked them up but I decided not to before I find some feedback. Unfortunately I can't find them on the website right now.
  2. I have monster calves too but they're accompanied by equally monsterous thighs so OTK socks don't generally look good on me. If you don't mind the leg warmer scrunchy effect though American Apparel has some long socks that look really cute and go great for fall worn with jeggings and peeking out from the top of boots.
  3. I am interested in trying the Plush socks but haven't done so yet. I also did ballet for many years and therefore have the same leg type as you!
  4. :nuts: omg, I've never thought about it, thx for sharing lol :tup: perhaps this can work w/tops too? fashion tapes r just too annoying and it damage the fabrics all the time.....
  5. Sock Dreams!!!!!


    They're committed to socks....more colors, fabrics, styles, cuts and designs that you could possibly think of. I have some badas* OTK and thigh high socks that are so soft and they don't slip down. So awesome!
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    I don't see why not. I wouldn't use it on say, silk but it's water based so it shouldn't be too hard to wash out.

    And thanks so much for the sock dreams link!
  7. My legs are the same, and Juicy Couture socks are the best!! I wear the knee-high ones for modern-jazz (floor gets too sticky to be barefoot), and they don't stretch out and fall. I know they made otk socks, I'm not sure if they still do.
  8. I bought the UO ones with the buttons. They're marked as thigh-highs and they actually STAY UP! YAAAY!
  9. Glad you found some that stay up!

    Re: the sock glue- it really works! I am an Irish dancer and we use it to hold up our socks! The glue just washes right off when you are done.