OTIG!! Here's your "le Divorce" Kelly!!!!

  1. *whispers* she is looking for the colour braise ;)

    but anyways very nice bag :yes:
  2. ahhh! Is braise lighter or darker, Lilach?
  3. brighter a very beautiful shade of strawberyy red :love: (and the brightest red on the crocs btw)
  4. Thanks for the watch out Lilach, I'm set on the 28 though. But it's nice to see it anyways, I love that color. Well, my store manager went to Paris, so when she comes back, i guess I'll know whether or not the 28 braise croc kelly order was taken. I'll keep everyone updated :smile:
  5. The Braise is STUNNING. Oy!
  6. japster my dear i hear you :lol: it is fab and i love it when paired with pink stitching and palladium hardware. ( yes i know i sound like a broken record but i don´t care ;) :roflmfao:
  7. braise is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!! And with PINK STITCHING!!!!!!!!!

    Oh....you learn something new everyday, and I'm glad to have learned this!!!!! Now I want this in croc a well as a beige-rose!!!!!:love: :love: :love:
  8. This may be a bit OT, but I am watching Le Divorce right now and when I pulled out the DVD I noticed that on the back of the cover Kate Hudson is holding a red Birkin, not the Kelly that she receives in the film. Just thought you might find it amusing that someone mixed up the bags.
  9. I love braise too :love: My braise croc birkin will arrive anytime this year. I will definitely post pics for everyone!! :amuse:
  10. TWIGZ!! You're a lucky girl!!! CAn't wait to see it!!!!:yes: